About Privacy

We will not sell, loan, share or give away information related to you or your use of this WEB site. Event registrations that are not taken on line will be handled in person, by phone or by mail or individual email. Effective immediately, the following changes apply to all European Union citizens, due to the new GDPR law: All class registrations will be handled in person, by phone or by mail. There is nothing to purchase directly from this WEB site, and nothing to subscribe to. Future on line sales will be processed by a secure GDPR compliant third party. Any personal information that you provide through our WEB site will not be shared beyond duly authorized in-house staff except as may be required by law, and / or by a properly executed court order. Minimum age restrictions apply to you if you provide information to us. At your option, you may purge our data – if any – about you by contacting us by phone, and / or by email. We will verify any such requests. Be advised that purging your information may affect you ability to use our WEB site, and may result in the immediate cancellation of your access to our library. Where prohibited by law, we may not be able to expunge all of your activities or data from our site, or our other records.