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Althea Northage-Orr, MA,RH, CST, L.Ac

Althea began her practice in 1981 after completing her professional training as an Oriental Manipulative Therapist at the Midwest College for the Study of Oriental Medicine.  She subsequently went on to complete a degree in Acupuncture and began her practice in 1984.  She has numerous certifications in bodywork (Structural Therapy, CranialSacral Therapy, Masters Method of Psychophysical Reeducation), psychotherapy (Gestalt Institute, Hakomi Institute) and is currently completing her  Yoga Teacher Certification  with Yoga Now. Currently she practices as an herbalist, acupuncturist, body worker and functional nutritionist. 

In 2000 she founded the Chicago College of Healing Arts which operated for fifteen years, a school dedicated to teaching clinical herbal medicine and numerous other healing arts.  She has served two terms on the governing council of the American Herbalists Guild, and was on their committee for admission to professional membership for over a decade.  A passionate gardener, Althea also operates Glastonbury, an 80 acre United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary.  She maintains a busy clinical practice in Chicago, where she also hosts and teaches classes about health and healing.